Why invest in commercial real estate in Latvia?
Every year Latvia demonstrates stable economic growth. The availability of skilled labour and high-quality transport infrastructure attracts foreign investment. The Latvian commercial property market offers many opportunities, both for investments whose aim is the preservation of capital, and for property and business development. Over the years, the market has proved its ability to adjust to new opportunities and market conditions and to recover quickly from downturns.
Starting a business in Latvia — an European Union country — is easy. Modern legislation and fully developed business services (financing, insurance, notary system and auditing, among others) create favourable conditions for foreign investors. Company income tax is paid only at the moment of dividend pay-out, which creates an advantageous environment for business development.
From Riga international airport it’s extremely easy to reach any country in Europe. Flying to London or Frankfurt takes only 3 hours, with flights a few times per day. Knowledge of several languages is common in Latvia — not only in the service sector, but also in business environments you can communicate with the locals in both English and Russian.
The Baltic states are rated by WEF as being one of the safest regions in Europe (the WEF rating takes into account factors such as the level of terrorist threat, crime and armed conflicts, among others). Over 50% of Latvia is covered by forest, and severe earthquakes are impossible here, as are many other natural disasters. This creates additional value for living and doing business.
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  • Legal and organisational supervision of the deal, assistance in getting a loan;
  • Other services after the sale has been concluded.
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