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Elegant solutions, fast execution and reliable results
The company started operating in 2004, specialising from the very start exclusively in brokerage and solutions in commercial property area.
SMART - Formula
Over years I have assembled a team with whom I am able to solve the most challenging tasks and quickly carry out the most original ideas. At times the results of our work exceed our clients’ expectations. And for me that is the best possible feedback.
Evgeny Shikhman
Owner of Silver Fox, Chairman of the board
Smart property
Every property made available by Silver Fox is thoroughly examined. We know how to anticipate and evaluate potential risks, expected profitability and further development potential. And when we need additional specialist expertise, we bring it in. You can focus on your business, while we are handling properties.
Smart people
We know that working with commercial properties is not for everybody. The field demands dedication, great attention to detail, a deep understanding of many business sectors, high levels of professionalism and a determination to achieve. This is precisely what Silver Fox’s team is about. This is what our clients appreciate about us.
Smart approach
We know that a deep understanding of your goals and selection of properties is only the tip of the iceberg. Investment solutions consist of a whole spectrum of challenges. Anticipating and executing the complete range of tasks needed for a property deal demands patience, a vision and many years of experience. This is what our clients come to us for.
Smart results
We build long-term relationships with both investors and property owners, approaching each deal individually. For the final result to be a deal which will satisfy you — this is what we work to achieve. Our reputation on the market is confirmed by numerous recommendations from our clients.
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Our services
We unlock the potential of commercial properties. You reach your investment goals.
Purchase of income-producing properties is a traditional form of the capital protection-oriented and long-term growth investments. Whereas investment in development projects offer a high potential margin.
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Property Owners
Silver Fox's wealth of experience is your guarantee of our professional approach in working with your property.
Working with a wide network of potential buyers, we will sell your property if it is marketable under the current conditions. We guarantee a tailored expert approach to analysis and readying your property for sale. Our patience and wide experience of negotiations is what property owners especially value when working with Silver Fox.
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