The real estate market continues to be active!

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The real estate market continues to be active!

The Lursoft database contains information on 2719 real estate transactions registered in May this year. Almost half of them (47%) are transactions with apartments, and another third (27.55%) are transactions with land plota.

Lursoft research data shows that in May, compared to April, both the number of transactions themselves and their total amount increased. Thus, the number of transactions in May increased by 19.57% compared to April, and their amount increased by 35.48%.

Lursoft calculated that in May the total value of real estate transactions reached EUR 114.90 million.

Compared to April, the number of transactions increased in all real estate groups - premises, land plots, land plots with buildings. "Lursoft research data shows that the most significant increase in the number of transactions compared to April occurred in the field of land and buildings. If in April there were 448 such transactions, then in May there were 565 of them (an increase of 26.11%).

If in April the average amount of transactions with groups of premises was 29 thousand euros, then in May - 34 thousand euros. An increase was also recorded in the segment of transactions with land and buildings - in April the average amount of such transactions was 15.85 thousand euros, and in May already 20 thousand euros.

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TOP 25 largest real estate transactions in May

 Nr.    Property Type  Address Transaction amount, thous. EUR
1 Land plot with buildings Dārzkopības iela, Jūrmala 1100
2 Land plot with buildings Aleksandra Čaka iela, Rīga 770
3 Land plot with buildings Slokas iela, Jūrmala 670
4 Apartment Kuģu iela, Rīga 540
5 Land plot with buildings Penkules iela, Mārupe, Mārupes nov. 535
6 Premises Strēlnieku iela, Rīga 490
7 Land plot with buildings Ļermontova iela, Rīga 435
8 Apartment Emiļa Melngaiļa iela, Rīga 430
9 Premises Blaumaņa iela, Rīga 425
10 Land plot with buildings Jēkabpils iela, Rīga 400
11 Land plot with buildings Ozolu iela, Jūrmala 370
12 Apartment Dzirnavu iela, Rīga 362
13 Land plot with buildings Dundagas pag., Talsu nov. 355
14 Land plot with buildings Aizvēju iela, Garciems, Carnikavas pag., Ādažu nov. 345
15 Apartment Rūpniecības iela, Rīga 340
16 Land plot with buildings Asītes iela, Rīga 335
17 Land plot Rīga 331
18 Buildings Raunas iela, Rīga 316
19 Apartment Viesturu iela, Mārupe, Mārupes nov. 310
20 Apartment Grostonas iela, Rīga 305
21 Apartment Skanstes iela, Rīga 295
22 Apartment Rūpniecības iela, Rīga 285
23 apartment Grostonas iela, Rīga 281.5
24 Land plot with building “Mežvidi”, Turlavas pag., Kuldīgas nov. 280.89
25 Land plot with building Pureņu iela, Mārupe, Mārupes nov. 279.5

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