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Looking for commercial property in Latvia with a steady income, but can’t find a suitable option?
Our database contains only the most relevant offers, including those that are not publicly available.
Please answer to our questions and we will select for you some of the most relevant options.
Why to invest in commercial property in Latvia?
This is a traditional tool to ensure the safety and steady growth of capital.
Evgeny Shikhman
The founder of Silver Fox, Chairman of the Board
  • 16 years in real estate
  • 15 years in banking
  • entrepreneur since 1989
  • postgraduate degree from the USSR Academy of Sciences
Some advantages of Latvia in comparison with other countries
  • The real estate market is transparent and clear: any property can be checked in public databases.
  • The system of registration of titles to real estate is well established.
  • The languages of business communication are Latvian, English and Russian, which are spoken by the majority of the population.
  • Non-residents of Latvia may obtain loans in Latvian credit institutions for the acquisition of real property; interest rates on loans are relatively low.
  • Corporate income tax is lower than in other EU countries.
  • Real estate tax is not calculated based on the purchase price, but based on the cadastral value of property that is usually lower than the market value.
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